Digipack - 1992 Ludovico Einaudi / 2011 Ponderosa Music & Art
"Stanze (rooms)  is a cycle of 16 pieces for harp spontaneously conceived in the course of two-three years. Each piece is a   musical space separated  from the others like the rooms of a house. Every room has its own character and  a sense of closure , like a is a diary of a journey toward essentiality with the aim to achieve a deep expressive pathos using the bare essential" This is how Ludovico Einaudi describes "Stanze" his first cycle of ballads for solo instrument  originally composed for piano. After having listened to the performance of some songs with the electronic harps of Cecilia Chailly he decided to entrust the  playing of the whole project to her, privileging her instrument for the whole album. There is no piano: Einaudi's signature here is limited to the artistic production in the recording studio. This new edition of  "Stanze" (24- bit digitally remastered ) has a quality that the first version could not offer: an electric harp solo of 55 minutes has never created such an embraceable and warm atmosphere Sixteen pieces interweaved with great charm without any dull moments but on the contrary, so light and rich to compensate for the absence of any other instrument. The melodies that this harp can weave are overflowing with a deep emotional power, simple and melodic such as any valid composition for a solo instrument: each piece is paradoxically independent and essential from the others, because of an univocal performance style which sounds as an hypnotic perfume would.

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